Faq - Frequently Asked Questions Antalya city transportation transport chauffeur driven car hire service in Antalya Turkey

What happens when I make a reservation?

Once you complete your booking, the details of the booking are sent electronically to our resort representatives who will make the appropriate arrangements as per your request.

What does the price include?

A one-way price will include a single journey, either from your arrival airport, to your accommodation or from your accommodation to your departure airport. A return booking includes both the arrival and departure transfer from airport to accommodation upon arrival and from accommodation to airport on departure. Unless stated otherwise, individual taxis will accommodate up to four passengers. All petrol costs and any road toll charges are included in the price.

Do infants count?

Most vehicles can carry up to 4 passengers. For private transfers infants and children do count as one person. On shuttle transfers there will be no charge for children under 3 years of age (providing they sit on an adults lap, and do not occupy the front seats of the vehicle). Children aged three and over will occupy a seat and therefore will be charged for a seat. We provide free of cost baby -child seat for families.

How do I collect my transfer upon arrival?

Details of how to collect your transfer upon arrival differ in each resort. Individual instructions will appear on your booking confirmation, which is generated automatically and is emailed to you once you complete your booking. If for any reason you cannot find your vehicle upon arrival, then call the number listed on your booking confirmation, where our local representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

And on Departure?

The booking procedure will automatically calculate your collection time for your departure flight as the journey time plus 2 hours check in time. You have the option to override this and your return taxi will then collect you from your hotel/apartment at the time you have requested. We recommend that you arrive at the airport a minimum of 90 minutes before departure time. We accept no responsibility for missed flights due to clients not booking the taxi with enough time to spare. In the event of any flight changes, we insist that you reconfirm your return taxi with our local representative, 48 hours before departure. Individual resort contact details will be printed on your booking confirmation.

What if I'm travelling with a Wheelchair?

If you are travelling with a wheelchair collapsible or non-collapsible please email us via the Contact Us page prior to booking to ensure the appropriate vehicle can be provided.


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